ACSP Toolkits

Atlanta Community Support Project (ACSP) is sourcing the struggle. Our theory of change is centered on information justice -- that is, abolishing criminal systems and radically transforming legal and policy arenas through the strategic dissemination of gatekept knowledge and information. Knowledge is power, and we're constantly figuring out ways of harnessing it.

ACSP Toolkits are a cornerstone of our work. They are intended to be used as informational materials for self-advocacy and the advocacy of others in our community. Though we intend to make many toolkit resources available on this page, exclusive access to an array of templates, sample language, and how-to guides are reserved for members of our community who are (1) self-representing in post-conviction matters; (2) dealing with rights violations in jails, prisons, or at the hands of police; (3) facing discrimination issues related to a former conviction or period of incarceration; (4) mobilizing for collective action on FIP- and ally-led campaigns we support; and (5) family members, our public defenders, and partnering pro bono and nonprofit attorneys. In March 2024, ACSP was humbled to partner with the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship to bring this Toolkits platform to life, and we hope to have a working version up mid-year.

IF you fall into one of the above categories and are in need of information or resources, please use our CONNECT FORM to join the community and/or send us an email briefly outlining the nature of your informational need.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Atlanta Community Support Project does not offer direct services, and we are not a law firm. We do not provide legal representation or give legal advice. Any content found on our website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. And, because we are not lawyers, no correspondence with us constitutes privileged communication.